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last resort for pain answer can anyone help
mf_7326 posted:
Hello, I am a 38 year old caucasion male. I am looking to see if anyone hhere might be experiencing similar issues to me and might know where I can turn for the answers I so badly need to my problem. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago with type 2 diabetes, ( not sure if this issue is related but it don't hurt to give that info I guess). A little over a year ago I began expierencing alot of pain in my testicles first on the left side then after a while it moved to both sides, it was also somewhat into my penis also first on the left then both sides. The pain was similar to a burning as if a lighter was being held below me. My Dr. quickly ruled out any form of VD or similar issue and looked toward epididimitis (hope my spelling is good enough). I was put on antibiotics. after about 6 weeks of meds no change for the better. I had a testiciular ultrasound which showed swelling with fluid and a hydroseal sack and they still called it epididimitis. so I remained on antibiotics for another month. The pain got progressively worse and by the end of that time I was so bad that my Dr. began giving me Hydrocodone to help with the pain. I have been taking that medicine for a year straight now and it only somewhat aleviates the pain. aside from the constant pain I also get a stabbing pain going throught the scrotum and penis many times daily that at times doubles me over and puts me in tears. In the last year I have had at least 12 prostate exams 5 testicular and strotal ultrasounds 2 CT scans of my bladder and pelvis with contrast and 2 cycoscopies. I have been refered to a local pain clinic for treatment (they refused me without ever seeing me) and have an appointment with another pain clinic a little farther away at the end of Sept. I also have an appt. with a neurologist in 2 weeks to look at the possibility of a nerve issue causing the pain but my D. doubts this is the issue. I have been told it might be cancer stones diabetic neuropathy other growths and several other issues but so far ALL these things have been ruled out I have seen 3 Urologists and the last one told me the problem is that im a fat diabetic and all I can do is suffer or get a nerve block that will probably leave me impotent and incontenant. I'm sorry but I am unwilling to settle for an answer like that, as I told him if thats the problem then every overweight diabetic would have this issue and it should be easily diagnosed and he should know how to treat it.
If anyone out there has any idea what could be the cause of this issue I would be greatly appreciative.
One final thought. Last Wednesday I went to the store and bought a bottle of Cranberry Juice, the half gallon size. I drank the whole jug that day and in the next 2 days drank 2 more. Friday evening I noticed the pain was almost completely gone. over the next few days I had no pain for the first time in about 14 months. today it started up again. That is the only difference I can think of in anything I have done recently so i'm wondering if that made any difference. I plan on drinking more Cranberry Juice over the next few days to see if the pain goes away again and if so will definitly speak to my Dr. about this, but until then am still looking for any thoughts. thank you all very much for taking the time to read this long post and for any thoughts you might have for me on this issue.
TDXSP08 responded:
How did they rule out Diabetic Neuropathy? Impotent and incontinent it's old home week, i am 43 and both but due to much different severe circumstances although i still have meds and such to help with the erections,and diapers to wear for my bladder problem but few people ever get to see the diaper butt that gives you away because i am a very high function quadriplegic in a power wheelchair. But please do explain how they ruled it out so quickly, Normally a patient would be tried on several different medication's that have been shown to help neuropathic pain yet it seems with you i get the feeling that it was a black or white hot or cold decision.


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