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    An_248807 posted:
    I am 47, and I have suffered for the past 6months with UTI like symptoms. I have been screened for everything including all STD's. Which I thought to be useless, because I have had a hysterectomy, the Dr's continually do urine tests and all have come back negative for anything. I have been to 11 Drs, and in the past 6 months, I've been on Cipro,sulfa-meth, Doxecycline,Amoxicillian, Arirthromycin, Metronidazole and now Oxybutynin., oh and not to mention the only relief has been AZO!
    NOTHING, has helped! Now here is a rundown, I have had only one sexual incident in the past few years, which was in early june and I have had this ever since. Could it be possible that I have an std that cannot be diagnosed due to no Cervix, I have requested a culture of the urethra, and rectum and the doctors just say it's not worth doing because I can't get an STD without a cervix, then why are they doing urine culture for cervical bacteria??? It just not make sense to me, and I am sick of these Dr's not taking a vested interest in my health. They can't figure it out so they say sorry can't help you go see a Urologist, but here's the kicker, 9 month waiting list! What should I do? Any suggestions?? I am wondering if I have IC, or Urethritis syndrome. The only thing I know I I can't sleep, the throbbing is intense and I am in the bathroom every ten mins! URGH! I am seriously at my wit's end!
    springsabo responded:
    I was tested for everything for years in my teens and early 20s...finally in my mid-20s a Dr. came across some lining in my urine while testing for uti which i did not have..i was sent to urologist and diagnosed with IC...i was very sick then and had great urges as well and pain...etc..the quickest relief is baking soda and water ...about a tablespoon a little less if you prefer and 6 ounces of water...i am like a new person now because of a diet change..i was eating all the wrong i will share a few for you to cut out and see if it spicy foods...dairy can irritate your bladder...cut out acidic foods such as tomatoes...citrus..juices...also soy...eggs...artificial sweeteners...asparagus...vinegar...caffein is a big one that irritates...soft drinks...these are very high irritant foods...natural supplements that help are chlorella...baking soda is an alkaline so it relieves the inflammation ...i hope this helps
    springsabo responded:
    Also cream...bananas...can irritate fruits are usually ok..but if your really inflamed i suggest not eating any until you see if the inflamation will go down and you get relief...
    springsabo responded:
    Because i don't eat them anymore i completely bare with me...cut out all processed foods and all preservatives...

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