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    Involuntary oozing of stool/ Soiled undies
    sugarmella posted:
    My 6 year old son has been involuntarily oozing out stool into his undies. I took him to the paediatrician who gave me stool softeners cause she diagnosed him as being constipated but he empties his bowels but yet the oozing continues, along now with him crying for pain in his tummy every time he urinates. I have tried everything from Pedia-Lax suppositories, to enemas to Milk of Magnesia. Is there any other option I can use to help alleviate this problem, maybe a stool hardener cause it becoming very challenging have to be changing him regularly throughout the day and having to be washing between 5 - 7 undies a day.
    nortonweb responded:
    Please google Encopresis. My Grandson has been in a daily battle with this same condition since age 5 & he is 12 now. It has disrupted his home & school life to the point where I had to quit work to home-school him. The ONLY help we have found in 7 yrs of experimentation is adhering to a very high-fiber diet & taking Miralax religiously. A stool hardener is the worst possible choice of treatment! If anything, you want to give just the opposite : a stool softener! The oozing comes from stool being blocked by a core of hard stool in the intestine & a bit of foul-smelling stool oozing around that! Have you noticed a very strong odor to the stool? Even with strict adherence to this diet, we still have the 7 pairs of undies a day but much less odor & physical discomfort. Our Specialist said there are no drugs other than the Miralax & no surgical help or interventions for this maddening problem. As he ages, your son will need much emotional support for this socially embarrassing condition. I am really rather shocked your son's Dr. did not recognize his condition & send him on to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist?!
    sugarmella replied to nortonweb's response:
    Yes, actually she is a PG and she said the same thing about a strict high fibre diet and she recommended Milk of Magnesia along with it. Let's not get started on the foul odour to the point children dont want to play with him when it oozes out, I had to resort to using Pull Ups because it became too much having to wash numerous underwear daily. Wow your grandson is 12 and is still having this condition, how does he manage, it hard on my son especially when no one wants to play with him.Thank you for the help and I will read up on Encopresis.
    atti_editor replied to sugarmella's response:
    Hi sugarmella,

    I am so sorry that your son is going through this. Here is some information on encopresis that you might find helpful -- it contains an overview as well as medical treatment options to consider. I hope that you will keep us updated on how he is doing.

    Best wishes,
    nortonweb replied to sugarmella's response:
    I'm sorry I didn't see & respond to you sooner. Yes, he is 12 & will be 13 in August. It is terrible because he has begun to notice the girls now too! It is VERY hard to keep after the odor! Almost futile! You can't really blame other kids for keeping their distance, even though it is painful for your child! It makes it darn near impossible to make & keep friends! I've found as he grows older, he has become more & more angry about his condition! Pre-teens & teens have EN0UGH problems to deal with, you know?! I don't envy you the future with this. I hope Addi found some helpful info for you!! I wouldn't mind having read that info myself, as I am always open to learning any little thing that may help! I only wish I could have helped you more!
    sugarmella replied to nortonweb's response:
    Hi, thank you for the info. It is heart wrenching when he goes out to play and the children scorns him, at least the Pull Ups are helping somewhat cause they mask the odour for awhile and I don't have the undies to be washing constantly. I am hoping he gets it under control before he hits that Puberty stage cause I dont know how he is going to cope with it, so I am just praying that by some miracle it rectifies itself by that stage in his life. I just wish there was an operation they could do to take out that hard stool and free up the passage way and then I can continue him on the strict fibre diet to regulate his intestines. I don't know I am just frustrated much and tired.
    nortonweb replied to sugarmella's response:
    Please consider using Miralax which was prescribed for my grandson at age 5 to get that hard stool eventually all moved out & then help to keep the bowel at least a bit more regulated afterwards, when teamed up with a high fiber diet. It is a bit more expensive than most other laxatives but N0T when you consider the laundry savings alone! The most economic way to purchase it is either in a triple-pack at Sam's, or by individual bottle at WalMart. I honestly think you would be happy with the results! Another Gastroenterologist I spoke with just the other day (not HIS Pediatric G.E.) told me something interesting, if true! He said studies have shown that boys seem to spontaneously improve on their own during their 13th year! W0W I H0PE S0!! He told me to be sure to continue with the Miralax. I noticed when I entered this thread there was a flash on the screen that said "this community will be discontinued" so I don't know if that means this thread will be taken down or what?? I was wondering whether you clean him up, or have him do it? Or is he not really able to do that yet? I noticed that when I stopped helping him so much to clean after himself (body as well as items) & made HIM be more responsible for his own hygiene care, that he was more willing to follow the routine more closely, of toileting more frequently & drinking his Miralax in juice etc. As per your last sentence, I UNDERSTAND how frustrating & tiring it is!! Few others who haven't been thru this would GET it !! ~ just H0W much work it truly is to keep up with!!
    sugarmella replied to nortonweb's response:
    Thank you so very much Nortonweb, I will go out and buy some and try it. He wont take the stuff that was prescribed so this is my last resort. I tired the pedialax but that is soooooooo bitter and even if I mask it in juice you can still taste the bitterness and he doesnt drink it, then he was given some tablets that even I cant get swallow so that was a no no too, I will try the miralax and let you know how it goes. He generally bathes himself and stuff like that but I will clean him once he does the poo cause his bum is always sore so I have to use wet wipes to clean him cause the regular toilet paper hurts his bum. Wow he said 13 well he is 6 now and it is tough getting the other kids to play with him imagine the years 10 thru to 13 when he starts to recognise girls that is going to be very difficult having to be wearing adult diapers or having to be dealing with the odour of soiled undies, so I have to work hard from now to rectify this problem before he gets to that stage and then he goes into a shell and then I have more problems on my hands but I will keep you posted as how things are going with the miralax
    nortonweb replied to sugarmella's response:
    I'm glad you recognize all the problems that loom ahead in the future if this doesn't get resolved! When I look back at these past years, I wonder how we made it! He seems to have been right, things have improved this year at least a bit! Whether that is a physical thing, or whether he has mentally matured to the point of taking more care of his own needs, I'm not really sure? One thing we still argue about is his diet. He does not eat the high-fiber foods & roughage the Dr recommended & just won't! I know that would help the situation so much! Well I look forward to hearing from you again soon with positive progress! It would be just great if they found a miracle "cure" for it! That would change their lives, ours, & many others!!!

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