Could I be Pregnant?
An_252666 posted:
Last month I started my period on 6/22. It was 2 days early and the first day was relatively light, second day heavy and much darker than normal, third day regular flow and the fourth and fifth days light enough that I didn't have to wear anything for it. From a little while before my period, through out my period and up until now I have been feeling extreamly tire (having to take a nap every day after work and no matter the amount of sleep I get or what I do through out the day just feeling drained) my breasts have been more sensitive than normal and seem to be getting worse with time, and recently I have had a constant nuaseas feeling through out the day and i get up 2 or 3 times a night to use the restroom and have to go a little more frequestly throughout the day. I took a pregnancy test after my period last month and it came out negative but I was curious if there is still any chance that I could be pregnant.
An_252686 responded:
I know when we are trying to conceive that we pray for a False Negative, but it doesnt sound likely.

If you really have questions, go to your dr for help.