5 mths married Could I be PREGNANT??
Renatal216 posted:
My last period was on june 14th my cycle is a 28 day cycle. My period should have been due between 12-14 of july i cramped early sunday morning on the 14th but nothing happened it is now tues the 16th and still no period. I took 1 no brand test and it came back neg, i then proceeded to take the 1st response last night after class and it also came back negative. I have never been pregnant before and i have never had an irregular period so i am convinced that i could be pregnant but maybe the hcg is not high enough in my body to detect the pregnancy even with a high sensitive test. I do not want to go to the doc unless im 100 percent sure. Should i wait at least 1 more week before testing again??
brandib01 responded:
would suggest waiting another week.
the way my doc explained it is most women do not know they are pg for at least a week after their period is late just us who track ours seem to catch it quick. so just take a deep breath lol

act as you would if you knew for sure and if it still comes up negative by next week i would make an appt with your doctor. all kinds of things can throw off your cycle even if it has always been regular like stress and eating habits and excersize etc. but i will cross my fingers for you