Irregular before Depo now regular on depo, chances of returned fertility?
MrsFosterxoxo posted:
So.. BEFORE i got on Depo Provera, I was very Irregular! Almost not seeing a period for 4 to 5 months at a time. Me and my husband have now decided to TTC for our first child. Without looking up more info on this birth control method, I decided to get Depo for the fact that my doctor said I had Low Progesterone levels. So I decided why not take a Progesterone based birth control to regulate my periods? (Makes sense so far right?). So after i get this shot I bleed like a normal period for 9 days no to heavy then it went away, this was on the 23rd of May. Then It came back the very same way on the 22nd of June for a week then stopped. Now i was Supposed to get my shot on the 10th of this month (July) but i didnt go cause what i been hoping for is FINALLY happening! And now its the 18 and guess whos here? - The beginning of Ms. Flow. Slowly but surely making her way down. So it was be full blown mostly on the 20th.

So since my im having regular period like bleeding does that mean this shot is rising my progesterone levels enough to keep them stable even after the shot wears off? By the way This is my 1st and only shot.