how can i conceive
An_254123 posted:
am 41 yrs i lost my menstruation when i was 39yrs can conceive what can do to conceive
diytestkitsdotcom responded:
Well, I don't know what to tell you to do inorder to conceive, but I do have some things for you to ponder on. I hope you will consider them.

First, if your period has stopped already, this means that you might not be ovulating anymore, and that you are on your menopausal stage. This means that you might have high chances of having difficulty in conceiving, as well as the pregnancy itself.

Secondly, have you gone to a doctor? You need to have everything checked up to see if it is still possible for you to conceive, and how well could your health sustain a pregnancy.

I don't say this to be daunting. But, I want you to be ready for anything that can happen or might not happen. Being prepared is the best thing to be doing when trying to conceive.

Also, do you have any idea how your hormones are these days? They are the fundamental part of your reproductive health and conceiving after all. There are several Do It Yourself kits out there that you can try. One of these is ZRT Labs' Fertility Profile 2 Combo Test, which can help detecting imbalances in your hormones, which could cause infertility or trouble in conceiving. The lack or over-abundance of certain hormones will determine your reproductive health's state. In this way, you will have a good idea of how things will work out.

Best of luck on this journey. It might get rough, but don't give up too easily. The effort will be worth it.