cramps, no period, negative HPT
An_254999 posted:
I have been off the pill for a year now. I have always had irregular periods. for the past year I've got my period every other month. My last period was October 24th. I had 3 HPT since then and all negative. I have had mild cramps in the last week also i have noticed an increase in vaginal discharge. I don't know what this means? could I be pregnant? or could this be anything else?
diytestkitsdotcom responded:
Hi An_254999,

Have you gone to your doctor lately? A thorough check-up, especially since you want to conceive, is a really good idea at this point.

If you have been missing your period, it could be that you have stressed yourself over this so bad that it had affected your hormones. When a woman is stressed out, there is a big chance that their period will stop

How is your reproductive health by the way? Emotionally and mentally, you might be ready for a baby, but what if physically you are still not?You need to consider these things as well.