Mindset & conception - any words of wisdom?
An_255809 posted:
Hi all,

This is my first post. This will be the 3rd month my husband & I have been TTC. I know that we haven't been trying long & this month is probably the first where I'm taking when we have sex more seriously - trying to do it every other day in the fertile window. The first month - already been off pill for a month before - I was actually 22 days late but negative HPTs. I felt very strongly I was pregnant though so when I got my period (22 days late) I was very disappointed. I got my period over a week ago and now I'm approaching the fertile window again. So many of my friends (like 6-7 of them) have seemed to get pregnant so fast - almost immediately. My friend just told me she is pregnant and it wasn't planned at all. I am so happy for all of them but it has made me anxious. We are both 35 and in good health (did a pre-pregnancy exam etc). I want to feel that I have patience but we are both so ready to parents too.

I know some people on the forum have probably been waiting a long time and dealing with a range of emotions. How do you keep them in check as you approach the fertile period? I want to enjoy this time but part of me is so nervous too.

I workout at a gym which helps but I also am going to start doing yoga too so I can try something different to focus on relaxing. I know that your body is always better when it's relaxed. I also don't want to put any additional stress / pressure on us either since we have just started trying.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks M