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TTC after Mirena
momstar posted:
I'm just looking for opinions. I don't really expect anyone to be able to give me direct answers seeing as how it's impossible to do. I had my Mirena removed on Feb 27 and have not had a period since before they put it in Apr 2010. I spotted a few times within the first week after having it removed, nothing much, just very little. Yesterday I started what I believe to be my period. Today it's barely there. It's been a light flow since it started, basically only need panty liners, and the flow has been what looks like a diluted bright red. Typically periods are a darker red, but this one is bright red and it also looks like it's diluted a lot. Today, it's almost completely gone, decreasing as the day has progressed. I know that may seem weird, but in no way at all does it really resemble a normal period. Should I consider this to be a period, could it be something else? Should I plug in yesterday's date for the first day of my last period so I can start tracking my periods and ovulation... Do we just keep trying "blindly" for lack of other options? I just want to know if anyone else has had the Mirena removed and started trying, if they have experienced anything like this, or what anyone thinks about what I am experiencing. Thank you to anyone who helps give me ideas and advice!
atti_editor responded:
Hi momstar,

I don't know how much help this will be as I have never had an IUD, but I have read that some women experience lighter periods after removal and it can take a couple of months to have a 'normal' period. Have you tried an over-the-counter home ovulation kit? This would give you an idea of your hormone levels and whether or not you are ovulating. I would go ahead and start tracking your periods and ovulation as you mentioned, and if things are not back to normal after a couple of cycles, it might be a good idea to talk with your doctor.

Best wishes,
diytestkitsdotcom responded:
Hi momstar,

Have you gone to the doctor for check-up after the removal of your Mirena? I think you have to let a professional guide you through this. It might make you feel better and more optimistic.

You can also try finding out more about your fertility health. ZRT Labs' Female Profile II Blood Test Kit is the best solution for that. It will be cheaper compared to going to an actual lab for different tests regarding your hormonal health. This test will help determine if you have hormonal imbalances that needs to be addressed before you can try to conceive. The result from the test will also help you and your doctor work out the best plan for your fertility health to make conception not only possible but safe for you.

Stay healthy and hopeful! Goodluck!

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