Pregnant or not?
An_257183 posted:
My fiance and I had intercourse and then not too long after I had what I thought was my period. However, I started it almost a week early. I know that bleeding in pregnancy is supposed to be very light, and not the same as menstrual bleeding. This appeared to be menstrual, because it was heavy. However, now I'm worried it may have been implantation bleeding, or something else. I've been experiencing a variety of symptoms lately-all of which point to pregnancy; fatigue, leg cramping, some stomach cramping, thirst, headaches, and tender breasts, not to mention weight gain and crazy mood swings.

I don't see how I can be pregnant, since I'm almost certain I had my period a few days after intercourse. Is it possible to have your period a few days after intercourse and still be pregnant? That's crazy right? I'm just trying to rule out the possibilities here. I have a fear that it's my thyroid, or something worse like diabetes. I know it's difficult to determine, and I will probably only find out from a test or a missed period. I would just like some more advice. Thank you!