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    Susannah Copland, MD, MS posted:
    Hello to all Exchange users! I am happy to join the WebMD community. Dr. Walmer, myself, and our colleagues at Duke will be taking an active part in the fertility and reproduction discussions. Please bear with us as we learn how to navigate in this new environment. I look forward to taking part in the Exchange and appreciate your feedback.
    Susannah Copland
    Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome Dr. Copland,

    I look forward to seeing you and Dr. Walmer on the board often.

    Take care,
    BotanicaofKansas responded:
    Welcome to the exchange! Thank you for taking the time to answer questions and weigh in on our discussions!
    arentz1979 responded:
    My name is April. Ive been married for over 12 years, and with no luck havent gotten pregnant yet. I have been diagnosed with PCO'S, so they put me on Metformin for that. I also take antentol (high blood pressure, sorry for the spelling, lopid (high chol), zoloft, zanax, vicoden, thyroid 2.88 (hypo). Can you please tell me if any of these will hinder any chances I have of ovualting? Sometimes if I dont have a period for a long time, like 6 months or so, ill take provera to make me have a period, to reduce my chances of cancer. Can u give me any advice? I did have a period on my own in jan, feb and march....(my first one by myself in a very long time prob 13 yrs.).... do u think my body might be getting "normal?" please email me back
    or however you are allowed to email me back.
    Thank You!!
    April Rentz
    moauz responded:
    hello, I'm in the process of the IVF process and have a question for the Doctor.
    Susannah D Copland, MD, MS replied to arentz1979's response:
    Please see Dr.Walmer's post on PCOS. In general, women with PCOS improve their chance of ovulating with diet, exercise, and sometimes metformin. If these measures bring back your monthly cycle, see my post on "finding your fertile window" to guide your attempts at intercourse. If you are not ovulating yet, do not give up. Lifestyle changes and metformin have probably gotten you closer, and fertility drugs, either pills or shots, can help you to release your egg.
    Susannah D Copland, MD, MS replied to moauz's response:
    Moauz, I hope that your IVF process is going well. In vitro fertilization is one of the most successful fertility treatments. With IVF, we can assist with egg and sperm interaction and replace actively dividing embryos into the uterus. Initially a treatment for women with blocked fallopian tubes, IVF has grown to treat men with low sperm count, women with endometriosis, adhesions or ovulation problems, and couples with unexplained infertility. IVF is also one way in which we can limit multiple birth by replacing fewer embryos.
    baasleim responded:
    Dear Dr. Copland
    I am a new joinee in search of some much needed advice from you and have posted you a question 2 hours ago. I posted it as a discussion under "Infertility and Reproduction Exchange", not knowing where or how to go about it (I found navigating around quite confusing).
    I, however noticed that your replies to questions so far has only been through replies to your 'Hello' post. I would hence like to know if I should repeat my question here. I would be more than glad to do so. I really do need your help doctor.
    Thanks n Regards,
    F. Baasleim

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