So sad
wantingbaby123 posted:
I really really really miss our old boards. I miss all the people that seem to not hang around anymore. Im not even sure where everyone is.
eliguns841984 responded:
I agree. It's upsetting really. And the new board that feli created is great, but I'm not supposed to be on that type of site at work. So I can't really get on there during the day (I sneak occasionally) and I'm too busy in the evening
wantingbaby123 replied to eliguns841984's response:
I know. Plus, not all the girls went over there so we are missing so many. It makes me so sad. I miss my support group.
Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
I am sure they will find their way back, I am sorry if things are slow here. Hopefully having experts on the boards will be a good addition to get people to start coming back.

Besides missing people is there anything else I can help you with?
NorthMetSouthinHawaii replied to wantingbaby123's response:
Im with you guys. I can't get on Feli and Meka's site at I only get on a few minutes here and there in the evenings. Im super bummed!!!
BotanicaofKansas replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
Any chance we could have the experts reply directly to the disccussion rather than in seprate post?

-the "popular" discussions are sometimes from 6months ago. Just becaue there was a bunch of replice once upon a time doesn't mean that it is relevant today.
-can we get our signatures with links embeded back? They were really helpful in knowing where people are on their TTC Journey

-Finally, emoticons!!! Can we get them and spellcheck back?
BotanicaofKansas replied to NorthMetSouthinHawaii's response:
Just FYI there is a TTC- JSO board on here now...
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to BotanicaofKansas's response:

I'll talk to the experts but they are new to and feeling their way around. The other stuff we've sent up for them to see what we can do.

Take care,