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Possible fertilization but no implantation
becksriley posted:
Hi, I've been tracking my ovulation for almost a year now as my husband and I are trying to conceive. Twice now I've been late with symptoms. Both times its been exactly a week and then my period starts. I'm wondering if we're having issues with implantation. Does anyone know? If so, is there anything I can do to help with the implantation?
Jennybop89 responded:
HI there. I do not think that having a fertilized egg that is not implanted will cause symptoms or delay your period. As far as I understand, your body does not start producing hcg until after implantation, and then it takes a few days after that for there to be enough to turn a test positive. So I really don't know if yor new symptoms indicate a fertilized egg is in there. As far as increasing your chances of implanation, I really am not sure...I think it depends on what is preventing implantation from occurring - I believe that things like baby aspirin are thought to help, but can't swear to that. I bet you could google it and get a few good answers. Maybe fish oil?
fiannakyn replied to Jennybop89's response:
actualy, a fertilized egg does start producing HSG emediatly, just doesnt get high enough to be detected until implatation.

At the most however, it would delay your period by 1 or 2 days only. and only show up in blood tests as HSG levels of 3-5 (HPTs detect around 10)

a better possability is the zigot would have emplanted but failed to develop, which can then be miscarried as what appears to be a regular period, just a week or so late.

OR you just had wacky months and ovulation was delayed by a week.
fiannakyn replied to fiannakyn's response:
I forgot about the implatation help:

first- have your progesterone levels tested at about 7 days after you ovulated, based on that result, you may need progesterone support.

these are not FDA approved or anything:

2) buy a FRESH pineapple (NOT canned). cut, and peel it. but do not core it. Divide the flesh, with core into 5 equil parts. cut up those 5 parts as you wish, but keep them seperate, and keep the core in with it (I cut into little chunks). Eat 1 part every day for the 5 days after you ovulate. There's an enzime that helps with blood flow and has been said to help with implantation.
3) Fish oil, Flax seed oil both have been said to help. Eivning Primrose Oil in the FIRST half of the cycle has been said to help with lining which can affect implantation (taking EPO during early pregnancy can cause uterine contractions, causing misscarrage-used to be used as a early abortion method, so its not recomended after ovulation)
4) a seperate B12 and B6 supplement. (taken every day) this has been shown to increase lining building, and the length of your lutle phase (between ovulation to period)

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