TTC #2 after infertility problems w/ #1
ErinCH82 posted:
After 2yrs of TTC #1, DS born 6/6/08. Just started TTC #2 in 5/10. Had IUD taken out 5/14, AF 5/15 - 5/18, then nothing. :( Visited Ob/Gyn 7/8 for possible cyst, said yes to cyst, plus I was for sure O'ing. YEA! Now I'm waiting... I hate this. It's been 60+ days since I've seen AF. I'm so scared I won't see AF, and terrified that I will b/c I want to see BFP!! The problem 1st time was no AF, so no O (or at least I didn't know when to look for it!) I would go 90+ days w/o a period, so conceiving was a crapshoot. Then I had hysterosalpinogram, had 3 AF's evenly spaced 3 mos apart, and BFP! My Ob/Gyn said I shouldn't experience any problems this time around, but I feel like it's already starting w/ problems. How do I tame this anxiety to get things going again??? I feel like the fear of having problems again is creating problems again! Horrible cycle....