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Trying for a number 2
katykp08 posted:
Dear Doctor, of whoever may know. I am 26, and wanting to add onto my family since ive gotten married. My periods are starting to stress me out. Last Month June, I started at the beginning of the month, July, I started my period the 30th of june and lasted until the 3rd of july. My husband and I had intercourse a few times during ovulation; today I started spotting. I am so confused because Aug hasn't arrived and my period is coming earlier. I need advice. because I can't control my body. I need some insight with this. you can always email me as well
Susannah D Copland, MD, MS responded:
Interpreting the menstrual cycle can be a challenge. If I am understanding correctly, you started your period on June 30 and another on July 27. Therefore, you have had a 28 day cycle (the first day of full flow is day one), which is within the normal range. If you have been trying for over a year, or if your other menstrual cycles are more irregular, a visit to your OB-Gyn will be helpful. In preparation for that visit, start marking your days of bleeding on a calendar. If you want to add more information, you can also try ovulation predictor kits to help you find your fertile window. Good Luck!
24sdmm replied to Susannah D Copland, MD, MS's response:
my cycles vary from 28 days to 35 day and the past two months i havent had a positive ovulation test till day 21. when other months i have it on day14. i have been pregnant twice but i lost my first baby. he was stillborn. we have been trying for over a year. if i ovulate late does that make it harder to get pregnant? and should i look into medication of some kind or just keep trying. because one of the hardest things for me is everyone expects me just to be able to get pregnant because i did before but now i'm having a really hard time. i feel a little anti-social because of this. i'm just looking for any answers or advice.