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Irregular period and TTC
An_191555 posted:
We have a two year old and we are now ttc our second. I have been off of BC for three months now (previously on YAZ). My first period, off of BC, I was 1 week late for my period. The second month I was 2 days late. This month I had spotting a couple of days in the middle of my month, very light and only for a few times when I wipped. That was the week I should have been ovulating. During that time I took an ovulation test and it was negative. I am now 1 day late. Should I be worried about my irregular periods and see a dr soon? How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test?

I need to mention that I messed up the last two months on BC. I missed a few pills (took them when I remembered), got my period because of it, then when my pill pack ended I didn't want to get it so I just started another pack. Unfortuntely my period never really stopped and I ended up having my period (lightly) for three weeks.
I'm scared I really messed up my cycle!
Susannah D Copland, MD, MS responded:
Finding your fertile window using menstrual cycles can be confusing, especially if your period is slightly irregular. Women can bleed when their hormone levels change. In the month you missed a few pills, the hormones from the birth control dropped, you started to bleed and it took three weeks for things to stabilize. Breakthrough bleeding with missed pills is a a pretty common side effect.

Now that you have stopped the birth control pill, periods mostly reflect the hormone changes as the ovary picks and releases an egg, and the hormone production from the cyst of ovulation; women who are not ovulating can have irregular bleeding. Charting your cycle and using ovulation predictor kits can help you determine whether you are ovulating, releasing your egg, or not. I recommend charting for another month and then visiting with your OB/Gyn. He or she can check a progesterone level one week after you ovulate (one week after you see a surge on your ovulation predictor kit, or cycle day 21 or 22 if you did not see a surge). If you ovulated your body will be making progesterone. If you did not ovulate, your progesterone will be low, and your OB/Gyn will do some additional testing to evaluate.

Rest assured you have not "messed up your cycle." The hormones from the birth control are quickly gone (that is the reason we recommend back up birth control for missed pills). You are doing a great job of listening to your body. Your Ob/Gyn will help you determine exactly what your bleeding means and either reassure you that you are ovulating or help you to ovulate. Good Luck!
LFSirois replied to Susannah D Copland, MD, MS's response:
My dr said she did not think my periods were that irregular, since it was still under 35 days, and she did not want to see me until we have been trying for a year. Should I call another dr for a second opinion?
butterfly0 replied to Susannah D Copland, MD, MS's response:
so if i stopped the pill midcycle should i calculate my ovulation 14 days after my last period or 14 days after the day i stopped my pills? i have a regular 28 day cycle and im confused now on when to calculate. please help!!

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