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Trying to Concieve w/ Questions
An_191681 posted:
Hi everyone.... well DH & I have have been TTC for over 6 months & i have a lot of questions: I've started using the OPKs & i was wondering if the test is positive on monday, does this mean we need to be intimate especially on monday & tuesday or monday-wednesday? also, sometimes "things" tend to wanna come back out so is there anything out there on the market i can use vaginally to "keep things in" as sometimes its not feasible to lay down flat afterwards.... if i were to elevate my pelvis how long would i need to stay this way.... i wanna increase the chances w/o decreasing the romance. Also my cycles are about a normal 30 days in length but i dont ovulate on the days that the charts say i should its sometimes a few days later.
LittleO125 responded:
I'm not 100% sure about the OPKs. However, I would recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." (I got it at the library.) It is soo helpful! In the book, the author says that it is a myth that you need to put your legs up or anything like that after sex. You should remain lying down for about 10 minutes or so I believe, but you can just lie flat.
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MrsB61210 responded:
Hi there!
I've been using the OPK for 2 cycles and it says to have sex the day you get your positive result and the next 2 days, so if you got your positive OPK on Monday, then you would have sex Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I usually just hang out for about 10 minutes so "things" stay in, which is what my doctor suggested. Since your cycles are a little longer, I definitely recommend the OPK!! It tells you exactly when you ovulate, so you don't need the charts.

Hope that helps!
lovingwife2009 replied to OurLovebug's response:
posted an update TTC w/ questions (anon_11103)
wndylo08 replied to OurLovebug's response:
Hey there are some period cups called instead it looks and acts like a diaphram for your period. Its easy to slip in after intercorse while still laying down but is a major pain in the rear to remove bc it will suck up into the top of your vaginal cavity. I almost had to get my hubby to remove it the last time we used them - just a friendly warning if you decide to give it a try. There is no removal method - Oh I got mine at WalGreens for about $6 - good luck and keep me posted on if your try it. Wendy
David K Walmer, MD, PhD responded:
The typical fertile window is 3-5 days long and it is just before you ovulate. Ovulation typically occurs about 14 days before the next menstrual period starts. So in a 30 day cycle, ovulation should occur around day 16 and your fertile period is between cycle days 11-16. The fertile window is determined when the cervical mucous becomes more elastic and receptive to sperm. Some women notice that is is more slippery when they wipe during this time. Men need to ejaculate once within a week of the fertile window to increase the number of younger sperm that will be in the ejaculate during the fertile window and have intercourse at least once during the fertile window. The day the OPK turns positive is probably the last day of the fertile window so I would try a little earlier. Don't worry about the semen leaking out of the vagina. That is normal. Only about 10% of the sperm are expected to get into the cervical canal, which is a reservoir and will release sperm slowly for days after intercourse to ensure that sperm are present when the egg is released. Good luck!
lovingwife2009 replied to David K Walmer, MD, PhD's response:
thank u Dr. Walmer.... i really appreciate the clarification as i always understood it to be the 48 hrs from the time of the pos OPK result. Knowing this, I know we have a better chance of conception this month. I have yet another question to you and anyone else that may hold an answer. My cycles have been coming about the 13th of the month for the last few months but this month, January, it didnt start til the 21st. My question is why do cycles changes from maybe be 30 days for a period of time & then sometimes gradually get longer. Its seems whenever i start paying closer attention & using OPKs, its longer than the previous months. I understand this is not a consultation & cannot be taken as such, its just really good FYI from someone who has dealt with more than I.
Susannah D Copland, MD, MS replied to lovingwife2009's response:
Menstrual cycle length can vary. Cycle length is determined by how long it takes the body to recruit an egg before ovulation and how long the cyst created by egg release makes progesterone after ovulation. Usually there are 14 days from ovulation until your period or a positive pregnancy test. So one possibility is that it is taking you longer to recruit an egg in the months that your cycles are longer. If the cycles are getting longer than 35 days, or you are no longer seeing positive OPK results, you may be not be ovulating robustly. Your OB/Gyn can help you determine if this is the case, by checing progesterone levels one week prior to your expected period or one week after a pos OPK. Good Luck!
An_263517 replied to David K Walmer, MD, PhD's response:
I have a 25 day cycle. If I have sex on the 11th day, can I get pregnant?
sandysmith537 responded:
There are an awful lot of reasons why couples have trouble conceiving. For this, I would want to consult a medical professional since I don't have confidence in myself of giving you the right advice. When I had sexual health problems I was too lazy to go see a doctor physically so I just did it through HealthTap, which lets you video call a doctor online and it's super convenient.


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