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    Where are You on Your TTC Journey?
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:

    Hello and welcome!

    I thought it might be fun to get to know everyone by keeping a weekly list I'd update. You can find Cycle Buddies and others going through the same issues as you are.

    If you want to participate, include your:

    First name (or whatever you'd like to be called)
    How long you've been TTC (Trying To Conceive)
    What you're trying (clomid, temping, IUI, RE, accupuncture, etc.)
    Cycle (DPO/2WW, etc.)
    State or Country (only if you want to and do not include city)
    Pregnancy Test results (if testing, or when you plan to test)

    I'll update it every Thursday and include any Graduates who will be moving on to our 1st Trimester Community!

    Wishing BFPs to everyone,

    cyberkat99 responded:
    First name: Kat
    How long you've been TTC: this cycle
    What you're trying: OPK, fertility calender
    Cycle: #1
    State or Country: AZ
    Pregnancy Test results: N/A
    Shellyf33 responded:
    First Name: Shelly
    How Long Have you been TTC: 1.5 years
    What are you trying: Clomiphene
    Cycle: 1st
    State or Country: WI
    Pregnancy Test Results: N/A
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Kat and Shelly--thanks for the information. I'll put you both on the new list next week!

    nyah645 responded:
    First name: Nikki
    How long you've been TTC: 4 months
    What you're trying: Fertility calender and ovulation signs and symptoms
    Cycle: Whats this?
    State or Country: Maryland
    Pregnancy Test results: None...period comes on time every month..ughhh!!!
    BnBprice responded:
    First name: Beth
    How long you've been TTC: this cycle
    What you're trying: fertility calendar
    Cycle: 2ww
    State or Country:
    Pregnancy Test Results: N/A
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Nikki and Beth--thanks for joining in. We're going to have a great list going next week.

    Enjoy the weekend Everyone!

    Tiff1124 responded:
    2 years
    I took 6 months of Clomid which resulted in 1 chemical preg.- then 3 monhs of Femara with 2 failed IUIs. This cycle we tried the Clomid & IUI with HCG combo, and next cycle we discuss the next step- injectibles. We've had the total infertility workup and the result is unexplained infertility. Very short luteal phases- about 8 or 9 days.
    CD20, 4DPIUI (4DPO)- 2WW!
    Testing on Easter Sunday (if I can wait that long!)
    sarahann78 responded:
    First name: Sarah
    How long you've been TTC- multiple years on my own, 8 months with the dr (minus 3 months and a miscarriage)
    What you're trying: Clomid 50mg
    Cycle ?
    State or Country Illinois
    Pregnancy Test results negative this weekend? I guess try again in 4-5 weeks
    Deedi621 responded:
    First Name - Blessed621
    How long? A year before my husband's surgery. 6 months on our own after his surgery. We just went back in March to see our Doctor
    Trying: 50mg of clomid, HCG(?) shot for ovulation, 1 IUI
    State - PA
    hurryupalready responded:
    5 years of lets see if it happens :)
    Fertility calender,OPK
    Cycle #3 really TTC
    One BFN today. AF should come in two days. Super frustrated :(
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Tiffany, Sarah, Blessed and Kristen, thanks so much for adding your information. I'll be posting the list tomorrow, so everyone make sure and check back!

    coookie_monster responded:
    name felicia
    ttc 6 months
    trying temping
    tested 04/27 negative..maybe to early to tell going back in 1 week
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to coookie_monster's response:
    Welcome, Felicia! I've added your information to the Newest List , which you can find right here.

    Looking forward to your next update,

    ToBeOrNot responded:
    First Name: Kim
    How Long: 3 months TTC
    Trying: Temping, OPK
    Cycle: I think CD 23, I haven't ovulated in the past 3 months I don't think
    State: Texas

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