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Where are You on Your TTC Journey? 4/27/11
Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hello and welcome to our weekly list!

You can find Cycle Buddies and others going through the same issues as you are. If you want to join in, include your:

First name (or whatever you'd like to be called)
How long you've been TTC (Trying To Conceive)
What you're trying (clomid, temping, IUI, RE, accupuncture, etc.)
Cycle (DPO/2WW, how many cycles you've tried, etc.)
State or Country (only if you want to and do not include city)
Pregnancy Test results (if testing, or when you plan to test)

Current List:

Name: Mandi
How Long?:2 mos
Trying?: BBT, OPK
Cycle: Day 27 since last period, O tomorrow? (Past two days I've had a BBT dip...hopefully a rise tomorrow)
From: TN
Pregnancy Test: Testing May 10th

Name: Beth
How Long?:this cycle
Trying?: fertility calendar
Cycle: 2ww
Pregnancy Test:

Name: CheeeziActs
How Long?: 4 Months
Trying?:OPK, temping, getting lab drawn next week.
From: OK
Pregnancy Test: I refuse to until I'm late!

Name: Felicia
How Long?: 6 Months
From: OK
Pregnancy Test: Tested 4/27 negative. Maybe too early to tell? Going back in 1 week.

Name: Kat
How Long?: this cycle
Ttrying:OPK, fertility calender
From: AZ
Pregnancy Test:

Name - Blessed621
How Long?: A year before my husband's surgery. 6 months on our own after his surgery. We just went back in March to see our Doctor
Trying: 50mg of clomid, HCG shot for ovulation, 1 IUI.
From: PA
Pregnancy Test:

Name - Holly
How Long?: March 2010, got pregnant June 2010, miscarried at 8 weeks had D and C, got pregnant again in November 2010 and again miscarried at 8 weeks and had D and C.
Trying: Labs for both--clear. Hysteroscopy negative. Trying OPKs now.
Cycle: CD2
From: MO
Pregnancy Test:

Name: Heather
How Long?:Dec 1, got preg mid jan m/c feb 10th. Was told I could start trying right away so we did.
Trying:OPKs, Charting Cycles, CP, CM
Cycle:CD73 (no cycle since the m/c)-Based on the random OPKs, I would be 9-10DPO
Pregnancy Test: Will be testing the 26th and the 30th. If AF is a no show on the 30th and the test is still negative then I will be getting a provera prescription to make AF show.

Name: Kristen
How Long?: 5 Years
Trying: Tried 5 years naturally, now using fertility calendar and OPK
Cycle: #3 of seriously TTC
Place: HA
Pregnancy Test: BFN this week. AF should come any day.

Name: Lauren
How Long?: 6 months
Trying: Fertility calender and ovulation signs and symptoms
Cycle: 43 days since last period
Place: AU
Pregnancy Test: BFN HPT. Af due 13 days ago.

Name: Nikki
How long?: 1 year
Trying: Starting Clomid this Friday 4/29!
Cycle: 1
Place: NJ
Pregnancy Test: Negative

Name: Nikki
How long?: 4 months
Trying: Fertility calender and ovulation signs and symptoms
Place: MD
Pregnancy Test: Period comes on time every month, ughhh!

Name: Sarah
How Long?: Multiple years on my own, 8 months with the doctor (minus 3 months and a miscarriage)
Trying: Clomid 50mg
Place: IL
Pregnancy Test: Negative this weekend? I guess try again in 4-5 weeks

Name: Shelly
How Long: Actively for 5 months. Not using birth control for 1 year.
Trying: Old-Fashioned way for now.
Place: SC
Pregnancy Test: 7 hours ago. Hoping it's just too early.

Name: Hope
How Long: Actively for 5 months. Not using birth control for 1 year.
Trying: Old-Fashioned way for now.
Place: SC
Pregnancy Test: 7 hours ago. Hoping it's just too early.

Name: Tiffany
How Long: 1.5 years
Trying: Clomid & IUI with HCG combo. Next, injectibles.
Cycle: CD20 (Cycle day 20 since last period), 4DPIUI (4 days post Intra-Uterine Insemination), 4DPO (4 days post ovulation), 2WW! (2 week wait before you can pregnancy test)
Place: OH
Pregnancy Test: Testing Easter Sunday

Name: Kim
How Long: Actively for 3 months.
Trying: Temping and OPK.
Cycle: Day 23, not ovulating.
Place: SC
Pregnancy Test:



I'll update it every Wednesday and include any Graduates who will be moving on to our 1st Trimester Community!

Wishing BFPs to everyone,

lkr86 responded:
Name: Lauren
How long?: 6 months
Trying: Fertility calender and ovulation signs and symptoms
Cycle: 43 days since last period
Place: AU
Pregnancy Test: neg HPT Af due 13 days ago
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to lkr86's response:
Welcome Lauren and thanks for posting! I sure hope AF shows up for you soon.

I've added you to the list, and hope you have a good weekend,

ToBeOrNot replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Name: Kim
How Long? 3 months
Trying: Temping and OPK
Cycle: Day 23, not ovulating
Place: TXC
Pregnancy test- N/A
SWAHope responded:
Name: Hope
How long: Actively for 5 months. Not using any form of birth control for 1 year.
Trying: The old fashioned way for now.
Place: South Carolina
Pregnancy test: 7 hours ago. Hoping it's just too early.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Kim and Hope, thanks for sharing your information. I've added you to the list and we're looking forward to your updates!

KristyB32 responded:
First name: Kristy
How long you've been TTC: 6 months
What you're trying: Fertility calendar and ovulation signs and symptoms
Cycle ?
State or Country PA
Pregnancy Test results usually wait until I'm late...
livelaughmoe responded:
First name Cass
How long you've been TTC-Off birth control for 3 years,
been actively trying for 14 months.
What you're trying-tracking with calender on Smartphone, OvaCue Fertility monitor, HSG, Clomid, Sperm Analysis done (good all around)
Cycle CD 19
State or Country MN
Pregnancy Test results hope to test Saturday 5-14-11
lanesmommy2010 responded:
First name: Erin
How long you've been TTC: I have one 15 month old son that conceived after 1 cycle of clomid. this time 10 months natural
What you're trying: , just finished 3rd cycle of clomid, Dr. is considering IUI w/HCG
Cycle: 12DPO
State or Country: Tn
Pregnancy Test results:

Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to KristyB32's response:
Kristy, Cass and Erin--you've all been added to the New List !

Thanks so much for sharing your TTC journey with us and best wishes for BFPs,

Hope is a thing with feathers / That perches in the soul, / And sings the tune without words / And never stops at all. - Emily Dickinson

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