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Need someone to talk to
An_191820 posted:
Not sure if people even still get on this website, but i feel like i dont have any other place to go. My husband and i have been trying for almost 2 years to have a baby. We have been through 2 miscarriages, 2 IUI treatments, 2 infirtility doctors, 2 surgeries. I feel like this #2 is haunting us! Every time we get 1 thing of good news, we get 4 more things of bad news that send us through this terrible cycle all over again. I guess all i am looking for is someone to talk to...
An_191821 responded:
I just wanted to say hi. I don't have any experience with this yet, but I have struggled with getting pregnant. We got a BFP last year and I was overjoyed, but it sadly ended in miscarriage. Since then we have had no luck, but I was waiting to go back to the doctor to see if things would just happen on their own. I just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am now on meds so I hope that will help get my body back in gear. I have recently starting lurking a bit on this site, but I also enjoy going on There seem to be a lot of great ladies on both sites. Hang in there! Hopefully they will lead you to even greater resources :)
livelaughmoe responded:
Thanks for venting!! It helps, keep hanging in there.
lruppert responded:
I understand. Been trying for 2 years myself. No miscarriages although I believe may have had chemical pregnancy on Christmas day last year. I had 4 IUI treatments, been to 2 doctors, and my husband had a vasectomy reversal 2 years ago. Nto knowing is the worst part. Bad news seems to come in groups huh? Sucks.

"Cycle" - I'm starting to hate that word. Because when it fails, you have to start over again from scratch. It nevers gets any better, your body never gives you a break and says "oh, we've done this before, lets learn from our mistake and do better this time." Every month you pee on that dumb stick and hold your breath waiting to see if the cycle starts over again or if you get to "pass GO" and collect $200 (or a baby).

I got a BFN today after the 4th IUI attempt and we aren't in a financial place to try again so i'll be doing it "natural" for the summer. I'm here if you'd like to talk.

Yvette Smith, MD, MPH responded:
Sorry to hear about your struggles. It really does stink doesn't it? Sometimes feeling like you have to put on a good front is the hardest part. I really was happy that my friends were getting pregnant all around me, but I was sad that I wasn't one of them. There really wasn't anyplace to say that out loud. Even my husband didn't seem to really understand how it felt to know another "cycle" had begun. We are here, so talk away.......
HHopeful replied to An_191821's response:
thanks for replying-i have been working all week and haven't had a chance to sign back on here to see if any posted back. It really is a struggle and trying to stay hopeful when it seems like others can simply look at each other and get knocked up drives me crazy! I will try that and check it out. I was looking for support groups in my area and didn't see any that appeared to be 'normal.' Hope all is well with you and hope to talk to you soon! =)
HHopeful replied to lruppert's response:
thanks for replying back- IUI treatments is our next step too. This will be #3 so maybe third time's the charm? ;) My hormones are all over the place right now so my doc has me on birth control pills to balance me out....which is crazy to be on the pill when you want to have a baby, but i know its for the best. just frustrated and looking for a light at the end of this very long tunnel. hope to talk to you soon and good luck with you and your husband as well! =)

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