I need to know
readytostart26 posted:
I am 34 yr-old. And I have waited to have a baby because I wanted to be mature enough to handle having a child. However I think I have waited to long. I did my ovulation calender and this will be my first time trying to concieve. But i have few problems that have occurred as well. I have diabetes. Will this cause me not to concieve and will my age cause me not to concieve. Are there things I need to buy to help with fertility. I dont want to get my hopes up to high and be disappointed. Just need some help. Dont have long according to the calendar this month. Need all the advice I can get but please make sure its accurate advice.
kittykatjenn responded:
My advice to you is go to your doctor. Tell him/her that you are ready for a baby and go from there. Good luck!