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CD 21 Progesterone Test
mslewis40 posted:
This is the 3rd month that we have been actively ttc. I've been using OPKs. The first 2 months, I've had "faint" positives & last month, it was negative for 10 straight days of testing, so I don't think I'm ovulating as I should or at all. Frustrating & discouraging.

So my doc told me to come in for this test. Does this test HAVE TO be done on day 21 of my cycle??? Since I've already done the FSH day 3 test in March, my doc said that the next test is the Progesterone Test. Well for the past 2 months, my day 21 has fallen on a Saturday. So I have to wait til it falls on a weekday since my doc's office is closed on the weekends....w/c is getting really frustrating because I don't have much time to waste! I will be 40 tomorrow & my bio clock is ticking louder by the day!

Any and all responses would greatly be appreciated....please & thank you.

Susannah D Copland, MD, MS responded:
The best time to check a progesterone is one week before you expect a period, which is one week after you think you ovulated. For women with a 28 day menstrual cycle, this lands on cycle day 21 or 22. To get around the weekend, many MD offices check the progesterone on the closest week day to cycle day 21. Check with the nurse at your OB/Gyn's office. Good Luck!