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pms symptoms but no period!
Anon_49874 posted:
I always have the same PMS symptoms every month- break out on my face and cramps. I had these symptoms last week and was expecting my period on this past Friday but it didn't come, and I am pretty regular. I took a test on the day I was supposed to get my period but it was negative.
Could I be pregnant?
I don't want to get my hopes up, but its hard not to think about it!
mnb311 responded:
I also had brownish spotting oday, but no real period yet. Anybody ever have these symptoms?? Could I be pregnant??
Anon_6065 responded:
Have you taken another test yet. Try another one first thing in the morning for best results.
Yvette Smith, MD, MPH responded:
Has your period come yet? You can always have an odd month, a month that just doesn't make sense. Usually the body will right itself and go back to its usual pattern. A blood pregnancy test should answer the question of pregnancy or not if there is still a question.