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Trying to get pregnant
Anon_234556 posted:
my husband is back from military leave which means we dont have much time to covcieve.
we try every other day but its just not working...
and suggestions or anyway to help??
we are at a loss....
hopingforbaby2011 responded:
If you are on a consistent cycle, you can figure out your ovulation period from any calender. That is your best chance to get pregnant.
Yvette Smith, MD, MPH responded:
Honestly, some things are just not easily controlled. Even if things are perfectly timed, we may not conceive that cycle. An ovulation predictor kit will confirm that you are ovulating. You're having sex frequently enough that you should be covering the right time interval. If this is your first attempt at conceiving, you may need to give it more time (which I know is an issue for you).

If you think there is an issue (because of medical concerns, or trying unsuccessfully previously) then you should get in to see your healthcare provider immediately.
Anon_177189 replied to Yvette Smith, MD, MPH's response:
we have been TTC & i think i dont get enough of Fertile CM during my ovulation ..What should i do about this ? Pls help me ..