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blocked fallopian tubes
Anon_235040 posted:
Hello, this is my first time on here posting something on webmd. Recently my husband and I have decided to try and have another baby but we just found out that I have one blocked fallopian tube. After discovering this I had decided to get a second opinion from a fertility specialist and has now informed me that corrective surgery can correct this. Just wanting another opinion on the risks of having this surgery and need to weigh out my options.
Yvette Smith, MD, MPH responded:
I would get a second opinion from another infertility physician. Generally, we think that one open tube should be sufficient to achieve pregnancy. How old is your other child? Is there any reason to believe the tube was blocked for that conception as well? There may be reasons why they have offered this surgery but you should feel very comfortable that you understand why it is being recommended.
LisCas responded:
Hi there... I was wondering if you had your corrective surgery? I have mine tomorrow...i will let you know how things go! I'm pretty nervous...i only have one tube left and it is blocked. And to boot it is opposite of my only ovary! Odds are a little against me... but I have tons of faith! Please keep me posted on your journey!