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post o temps
chillo6210 posted:
hie all

my post o temps are lower than my pre o temps and are below the coverline even though the temp went down on o day then started to rise after.on o day it was 36.1 and next day it was 36.2 then 36.3 and 36.3 again.the only way i know i oed is becoz i had a positive ov test.

i had a miscarriage in june at 8 weeks and on the day my period would have been due had i not been pregnant!!does this mean anything????please help me.low progesterone perhps?????
Yvette Smith, MD, MPH responded:
Not all tests are useful for all women. If you ovulation kit is positive, I believe you ovulated. I would not worry about the temps. As added reassurance, you could ask your doctor to draw a progesterone level one week after your ovulation kit turns positive. I would only do it once to confirm the kit.

I didn't follow your question about the miscarriage so I can't comment. Can you restate?
chillo6210 replied to Yvette Smith, MD, MPH's response:

Thanks for replying.about my miscarriage i had no spotting or anything for the 8 weeks i was pregnant but my bleeding or miscarriage started the exact day my period would have been due had i not been my question is is this coincidence or does it mean something?the tissue wasnt tested since it was my first and no bloods were done.

thanks again
chillo6210 replied to chillo6210's response:
so i was thinking it could be because of low progesterone levels hence the low post ovulation temperatures.