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    Where are You on Your TTC Journey? 11/30/11
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Welcome to our weekly list! You can find Cycle Buddies and others going through the same issues or treatments as you are. To join, include your:

    First name (Or what you'd like to be called)
    How long you've been TTC (Trying to Conceive)
    What you're trying (temping, RE, acupuncture, etc.)
    Cycle (DPO/2WW, how many cycles, etc.)
    State or Country
    Pregnancy Test results (or when you plan to test)

    Current List:

    20 Jenner
    Name: Jennie
    How Long?:4 mos
    Trying?: Ovulation calendar
    Cycle: 34
    From: GA
    Pregnancy Test:None (Update 11?)

    Name: Elizabeth
    How Long?: 4-5 months
    Trying?: Attemptong Ovulation Calendar
    Cycle: 35 days
    From: IL
    Pregnancy Test:Took two, both BFN (Update 11?)

    Name: alaska_mommy
    How long? Off and on for 9-10 months
    Trying: Nothing special, just wait-and-see
    Cycle: 28 days
    From: Pacific Northwest, USA
    Pregnancy Test: Negative so far (11/11)

    Name: Jessica
    How Long?: 2 months
    Trying?: OPK, ovulation signs and sex
    Cycle: 34
    From: TN
    Pregnancy Test:Sept 16 if no MC (Update 11?)

    Name: Momma08andHopeful12
    How long: 1 month
    Trying: Fertility calander, sex. Just got IUD removed.
    Cycle: 28 days
    From: AR
    Pregnancy Tests: None (Update 11?)

    Name: Country Girl
    How Long?:2nd Cycle
    Trying?: BD at least every other day.
    Cycle: Day 17 - cycles have been about 14 days then 42 days, then 14 then 42... give or take a few days
    From: ID
    Pregnancy Test:Probably won't until Oct. 1 (Update 11?)

    Name: Stephanie
    How Long?:13 months
    Trying?: Ovulation kits, lots of sex, completed 3rd round of Clomid
    Cycle: 26-28 days (should be here Nov. 28th)
    From: SD
    Pregnancy Test: Maybe over Thanksgiving Holiday?

    Name: Camz
    How Long?: 24 months
    Trying?: Calendar Method, BD more than twice a week
    Cycle: 28 days
    From: Philippines
    Pregnancy Test: October 10th (Update 11?)

    Name: Meg
    How Long: 12 months
    Trying: Clomid, Ovidrel, Progesterone Suppositories
    Cycle: Do not get period - on 2ww
    From: FL
    Pregnancy Test: December 5

    *~*~*~*~*Continue on to Part Two Below*~*~*~*~*
    Hope is a thing with feathers / That perches in the soul, / And sings the tune without words / And never stops at all. - Emily Dickinson
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    We have so many great ladies, our list is in four parts! This is part two.

    Name: Cassandra
    How Long?: 4 Months
    Trying?:OPK, Calendar
    Cycle: 28 Days; last one Oct. 2nd
    From: MI
    Pregnancy Test: Testing October 30th (Update 11?)

    Name: Amanda
    How Long?: 3 months
    Trying?:Fertility calendar, temp
    Cycle: 7 DP
    From: CA
    Pregnancy Test:Nothing yet, hopefully October (Update 11?)

    Name: Cowgirl
    How Long: 3 months
    Trying?: BD at least every other day
    Cycle: CD5, ~30 days
    From: ID
    Pregnancy Test: December 17th if no AF

    Name: Teisha
    How Long?: 5 months
    Trying: Ovulation Calendar and sex
    Cycle: Very regular, 27 days
    Place: CA
    Pregnancy Test: Testing December 15th

    Name: Hopeto
    How Long?: 1 year and 8 months
    Trying:Ovulation calendar and ovulation test (OPK)
    Cycle:26 days
    Place: Norway
    Pregnancy Test: Period 11/19. Next ovulation due 11/29 - 12/04

    Name: Kay
    How Long?: 11 months
    Trying: Vitex, Maca, fertibella, dong quai
    Cycle: 26-28 days
    Place: VA
    Pregnancy Test: Results 12/05

    Name: Kayla
    How Long?: 3 months
    Trying: Ovulation calendar & Clearblue Ovulation Test, lots of sex-- elevating pelvis 30 mins, daily vitamins
    Cycle: 30 days, always regular
    Place: WV
    Pregnancy Test: Using Clearblue, not due until the Oct. 17th-18th

    *~*~*~*~*Continue on to Part Three Below*~*~*~*~*
    Hope is a thing with feathers / That perches in the soul, / And sings the tune without words / And never stops at all. - Emily Dickinson
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    We have so many great ladies, our list is in four parts! This is part three.

    Name: Megs
    How Long?: Trying since May 2010 for our 2nd child; 1st child was only 2 tries!
    Trying: Charting, timing, prenatal vitamins, no alcohol, lost 20 lbs as well since April 2011 to try and help. Go for testing in 2 weeks (mid Oct).
    Cycle:Out of whack after being on the pill. Considering Clomid by year's end.
    Place: Canada
    Pregnancy Test: All the time since I tend to be irregular.

    Name: Miranda
    How Long?: 1 year
    Trying?: Ovulation calendar and moving to Clomid soon
    Cycle: 32-37 days long, often late
    From: OH
    Pregnancy Test:BFN 8/26/11 (Update? 10)

    Name: Anna
    How Long?: 20 months. Got pregnant in Feb 2011, lost them in April, been trying again for 4 months.
    Trying?: Ovulation test, temping, lots of sex, pelvic elevation 20 minutes afterwards
    Cycle: 26-32 days. Were consistent at 30 and then dipped to 26 for a few months, now getting longer again
    From: CO
    Pregnancy Test:Just started my in a month. (Update 11?)

    Name: Niki
    How Long?: 9 months
    Trying?: Omifin 2nd cycle, HCG 1st cycle of 4 shots.
    Cycle: 30 days
    From: Guatemala
    Pregnancy Test:Results middle October probably

    Name: Mrs62610
    How Long?: 5 months
    Trying?: Ovulation calendar & OPK. Been on Prometrium for irregular AF.
    Cycle: 26 days
    From: IL
    Pregnancy Test:Will test around Oct 9th if no AF

    Name: MsBC
    How Long?: 2nd Cycle
    Trying: Ovulation calendars
    Cycle: D19PO
    Place: NC
    Pregnancy Test: AF showed up 9/30. Moving on. (Update 11?)

    Name: Retha
    How Long?: 5 months
    Trying?: Ovulation calendar
    Cycle: 28 days.
    From: AL
    Pregnancy Test: Testing the end of December.

    Name: Sarah
    How Long? Just got off the Pill 10/13
    Trying: We are letting nature take it's course the first month and then really trying in November
    Cycle: Not sure yet
    Place: AZ
    Pregnancy Test:Won't test until I have missed period

    *~*~*~*~*Continue on to Part Four Below*~*~*~*~*

    Hope is a thing with feathers / That perches in the soul, / And sings the tune without words / And never stops at all. - Emily Dickinson
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    We have so many great ladies, our list is in four parts! This is part four.

    Name: Michelle
    How Long? 1 month
    Trying: Ovulation chart and stupid old wives tales (pelvic tilts etc.)
    Cycle: 35 days
    Place: HI
    Pregnancy Test:Testing end of Nov.

    Name: Melanie
    How Long? 4 months
    Trying: Timing with fertile days
    Cycle: 26 but skipped Sept.
    Place: VT
    Pregnancy Test: None (10/12) (Update? 11)

    Name: Danielle
    How Long?: 8 months
    Trying: BBT Charting
    Cycle:24 days/CD 2
    Place: IL
    Pregnancy Test: AF 9/18/11 next due 10/12/11 (Update? 11)

    Name: Tiggerfan
    How Long?:
    Pregnancy Test: Haven't got far with my TTC. I'm still in the same boat without a paddle (10/25). (Update? 11)

    Name: Tulip20011
    How Long?: 2 years
    Trying: BBT, charting
    Cycle: Irregular. Last period 8/11
    Place: MN
    Pregnancy Test: 3 months ago (now 11/11)

    Name: Heathir
    How Long?: 2 months
    Trying: BBT & CM tracking, BD more than 3xs during O
    Cycle: 28-31 days; last 11/08
    Place: MD
    Pregnancy Test: December 15th if AF doesn't show

    Graduates, please be sure to join the fun on to our 1st Trimester Community !

    Wishing BFPs to everyone,

    Hope is a thing with feathers / That perches in the soul, / And sings the tune without words / And never stops at all. - Emily Dickinson
    jon3brn replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    First name: Briania
    How long you've been TTC? off and on in 2008(newlyweds), but officially since 2009, with a break for the past 6 months,
    What you're trying: BBT charting; Jan 2012 first IUI
    Cycle: 27.5 average lenght. 7th cycle of tempting.
    State or Country: Indiana
    Pregnancy Test results: *Hoping* Beg-Mid of Feb. for a BFP.
    CMM1023 responded:
    First name Cassandra
    How long you've been TTC - 6 1/2 months
    What you're trying Ovuation Calender..Fertilaid..
    Cycle 29 days- last period was nov 29th
    State or Country Michigan
    Pregnancy Test results dec 29th
    phoenixsong61 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Name: phoenixsong61
    How long you've benn TTC: 1-2 months
    What you are trying: Letting nature take its course
    Cycle: Varies by a few days, but regular every month
    Country: USA
    Pregnancy test results: mid-January, I hope.
    MrsBurt05 responded:
    First name Nikki
    How long you've been TTC 3 Months for baby #3
    What you're trying Charting temp & watching CM, OPKs, Ovulation Calendar
    Cycle As of 12-19-11, Cycle 3 day 15
    State or Country MN
    Pregnancy Test results Last tested 12-5-11, BFN, Plan to start testing 10 DPO in hopes for a BFP for a surprise to the family on New Years!
    Baby_hopes11 responded:
    How Long: 8 months
    Trying: Ovulation calendar, Cervical mucus
    Cycle: 30 days
    From: Washington
    Pregnancy Test: dont take one any more; only if super late with AF
    jmillet2314 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Name: J
    How Long?:1 yr & 9 months
    Trying: Ovulation Calendar
    Cycle: 30 days
    Place: NJ
    Pregnancy Test: Prob. next month around Jan 12th, 2012
    CMM1023 responded:
    First name Cassandra
    How long you've been TTC 5-6 months
    What you're trying opk.. calender
    Cycle 29 days
    State or Country michigan
    Pregnancy Test results just found out today and got a positive test!!
    CMM1023 replied to CMM1023's response:
    I got a positive test today!! Today would of been my period!
    spitfiretink responded:
    name: caitlin
    how long: just started, but kind of winging it
    trying: going off bc, ovulstion calendar
    cycle: 28 until i go off bc, but who knows what it will be like then (been on bc for over 3 yrs now)
    from: indiana, usa
    preg. test: will at end of month
    MarkieB responded:
    First name MuQuiter (call me Markie)[br>How long you've been TTC since 2008[br>What you're trying IVF in 2008 nothing in 2009; tubal reversal in 2010; PG in July 2010 (ectopic); two IUI's 2011 Jan and May opted to wait it out; consulted with a new RE in September wanting to try natural then maybe IVF again[br>Cycle varies from 26-28 days...currently two days late[br>From TX[br>Pregnancy Test results testing tomorrow 01/18/2012
    bltaz74 responded:
    Name: Bobbie[br>How Long: 3 months[br>Trying: Ovulation calender and sex[br>Cycle: 28-32[br>From: NY[br>Pregnancy Test: Jan 21 (neg)[br>

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