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    Includes Expert Content
    Looking for women over 40 trying to conceive naturally
    VLearmont posted:
    I am a 45 year old who is in good physical health no issues with my ability to get pregnant and my husband also 45 has the sperm count of a 20 year old but we still have not managed to get pregnant after 12 months. Is there anyone out there who shares in this kind of frustration??? The doctors just keep telling us to relax it will happen eventually.

    We are becoming more and more frustrated watching everyone around us get pregnant including another couple we know who is our age that it just happened by accident! It seems like everyone we know is pregnant!

    David K Walmer, MD, PhD responded:
    All women have a natural age-related decline in fertility, which declines at different rates in different women. Some women do get pregnant at the age of 45. However, women who aren't getting pregnant and no cause can be found are more likely to have a problem with declining egg quality, which results in unrecognized miscarriages before you miss your period. Many fertility centers have never seen a woman with unexplained infertility have a child with their own oocytes over the age of 44. The key to any therapy to help a woman improve her chances of conceiving as she ages is recruiting more eggs each month. I would recommend seeing a fertility specialist to have some testing done (ovarian reserve, etc.) but to be psychologically prepared to decide what to do if you learn that the only effective assistance that they can provide is either donor eggs or adoption. If your ovarian reserve is low, it doesn't mean that you can't get pregnant with your own eggs, it just means that the therapies available through a fertility center won't be able to increase your chances above what you can do at home on your own. I am sorry to not have better news and hope and pray that you beat the odds. Best wishes.
    Cupcakelady responded:
    Omg!!!!!!i have been looking to meet another woman out there (I am 46)who is mid forties and TTY. God bless you my hubby and I well he is 41 and was checked a year ago at a fertility center and his sperm were good all my. Blood work was good other than my FSH level was an 11just borderline of normal I have no one other than my hubby to talk to since we are private people both our parents our dead and it just feels great to meet another ME out there would love to talk more cupcakelady
    Cupcakelady replied to David K Walmer, MD, PhD's response:
    Hi my hubby is 41 and I'm 46 all in all good health don't smoke or drink and right now I am not working so not stressed out I read what u said and have researched a lot I went to reach in Charlotte last year and my hubby's sperm is good my tests were good other than my FSH being close to an 11 I also had a child when I was 42 so they told me there was still a chance what is your option on these natural drugs like Fertibella and Fertilaide also what about DHEA we are in Tennessee for 2 months and saved money to see and talk to a. Fertility doctor here I'm torn between taking what I mentioned to you or seeing him look we are not rich and can't afford ivf we live I'm Gastonia NC will be goon back soon and such a fan of duke can you please help me?ps I had a natural miscarriage back in 2010 At 6 weeks and another one back in 2011 with dr Katz who may I add is super wonderful with a heart of gold! With levitrol and shots so I feel hopefull I just want your option
    Joel Bernstien, MD responded:
    Even amongst the most healthy individuals your age, pregnancy rates and then live birth rates are much lower than say... a 25 year old.

    Besides continuing to "try" there is is not a lot that you and your husband can do to control it. I suppose you could see a specialist who may have medications/procedures to increase your chances each month of conceiving. They could also test your "ovarian reserve" (a blood test to get an idea if your ovaries are acting like a 45 year old or acting younger). Then it would be possible to provide measures to increase your monthly chances of conception.

    If that does not seem reasonable, then keep doing what you are doing. Know that it is not impossible and can happen!
    karen4321 responded:
    You can find plenty of 40 women on the Fertilityfriend website. One of them, a 50 year old, just gave birth (natural conception after several years of trying, her husband is 29). There are plenty of others there that have gotten pregnant in their mid-forties. However, there are also many who give up after years of trying. Interestingly a lot of the women who are successfull seem to have husbands/partners who are 10-15 years younger. I'm wondering if the effect of men's age is underestimated.
    Cupcakelady replied to karen4321's response:
    Hi Karen thanks your story gives me hope! Sooo nice to hear it can still happen in your forties ! Where do I look to find this over 40 group? I'm new here again thank you
    karen4321 replied to Cupcakelady's response:
    It's a group on . (You have to pay a membership fee but I think it's worth it since they have really good online charting tools). They have a "TTC over 40" group ( ) and a "Pregnant over 40" group. The TTC group can get somewhat depressing at times since there are many women who have been trying for a long time. For encouragement go to the "Pregnant over 40" group ( ) .
    Kimiekat replied to Cupcakelady's response:
    Hi, my husband and I have been ttc for a little over 3 years. I am also 46, but have not had any children. My condition may be a little different than yours. My FSH is over 19 and I have been diagnosed with Dimished Ovarian Reserve, However, I did want to recommend a fertility specialist I saw. The procedure they use is different than a regular IVF procedure and increases your chances if you are producing healthy eggs. The name of the center is the Infertility Center of St. Louis at St. Lukes Hospital. Dr. Silber and his staff were wonderful. Even though they could not help me using my own eggs, they may be able to help you. There is financing available and for the equivalent of a car payment you can have a baby. Hope this helps
    Faithnomore replied to Kimiekat's response:
    HI I also have been trying for a baby. I got my tubal reversal in the summer of 2007. I was hopeful for one full year. When I failed to conceive I went to a specialist, and he did the test where he squirted dye into my uterus, and the test was negative, both tubes blocked. Then I heard the radiologist ask the Dr if he started yet, and there seemed to be a bit of confusion, but I thought that if the test was negative than oh crap..AFTER I dressed to leave I got into the hallway, and ran into the radiologist who looked at me, as if he needed to say something..he seemed genuinely concerned asked me if I was ok.
    Lesa2010 replied to Faithnomore's response:
    Hello, I came across this message board today and decided to join. I read your post.I also had a tubal reversal in 2011 and Hubby and I are still very hopeful. I haven't seen a specialist. I tried changing my eating habits (healthier).I'am 44 years young and I feel younger than I'am. Hubby is 37...How expensive was your test you had done? Are you considering treatment for blocked tubes at this point? Don't Give up!!!
    Lovemycam responded:
    I am 47 and trying to get pregnant with my fiance. I know how you feel its so frustrating and disappointing every month. I wish we had a magic wand but i wont give up....not yet and neither should you...

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