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TTC with a bicornuate uterus.
An_242288 posted:
We are trying to conceive for the first time. I am young, but was told that with my bicornuate uterus it would be very difficult for me to conceive, could take years, and my chances grow even smaller as I age. If I waited too long, I was told I would miss my chance to be a mother, so we are trying now.

We just started trying a few months ago, but i'm started to feel different and not sure if i could be pregnant.

My periods have never been regular; last month I bled almost the whole month. This month I haven't bled at all. I've been a little nauseous, but haven't thrown up. Breast tenderness, gas, frequent urination, tiredness, and insomnia as well. However, the only day of conception that could be possible was a week ago. Could I possibly be noticing signs already? I can't tell if my mind is just playing tricks on me, or if I could really be pregnant.
David K Walmer, MD, PhD responded:
Go and get a pregnancy test! If you are pregnant, blessings & good luck! If you are not pregnant, you should see your doctor to try to get your cycles regulated and to confirm that you have a bicornuate uterus and not a uterine septum. On ultrasound or HSG, a uterine septum can sometimes be misdiagnosed as a bicornuate uterus. Septums are 100x more common than bicornuate uteri. The bicornuate uterus shouldn't be associated with infertility but it is associated with a little higher incidence of preterm labor and breech presentations, which are likely to result in a c-section. Uterine septums are more likely to be associated with recurrent miscarriages. At any rate, it seems like a visit to your doctor is in order. Best wishes.