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Trying over a year and almost too depressed to keep trying
SweetLouisiana posted:
My fiance and I have been trying for about a year and a half with no result at all. We try on the days I'm ovulating using an ovulation calender, we try a million different positions, we've trying getting healthier and reducing stress but... nothing. My cycles are so irregular, one month it will be 28 or 29 days then some months it may be up to 32 or 33 days. I see young girls get pregnant the first time they have sex and everyone I know has a baby or one on the way. I feel alone, desperate and hopeless. What can I do??
jhetsmom responded:
Vent. It helps to unload all the weight you are carrying around. I allow myself to get mad at others but not to them. i stand in the shower and just let it all fall out. Everything that I am thinking and feeling and let it wash down the drain. I am to the point that I believe it happens, when it happens, for a reason. Yes young girls get pregnant without trying, it happens for a reason.

Some side advice, you can try all the positions in the book, but it won't increase your chances of conceiving alone. Reducing stress and eating healthier are great steps regardless if you are TTC or not. The ovulation calendars are excellent resources for guesses but there is not calendar that can measure those hormones each day that signal ovulation is occurring. To best increase your chances of conceiving, you need to get scientific. OPK's are great indicators that your body is producing the hormones necessary for conceiving. Also tracking you BBT can help define a pattern of your specific cycles. If those methods don't seem to work, consult your gynecologist. They can order tests which help identify possible obstacles.

For an example; I have a regular 28 day cycle. According to the calendar online, I should ovulate around day 14. For 6 months I would have sex everyday for 6 days prior. No luck. I recently went to my DR and she ordered an U/S. It showed that I had mature follicles in day 3 of my cycle. Which means I ovulate at day 7-8. I was completely missing my fertile window. It explains why OPK's weren't working and why we weren't conceiving. With my new found knowledge about my personal cycle, we are now trying the day AF leaves through day 16 just to be safe.

I hope my advice helps and wish you the best of luck in TTC.
livelaughmoe responded:
I felt the same way, and started 5HTP, vitamin D to boost my mood. It has been helping. Best of luck. Also join a gym and get your body moving, it helps me so much!
jhetsmom replied to livelaughmoe's response:
I take 5htp too. Its a natural way to help my bipolar. Really does help me keep my cool when I am feeling overwhelmed.

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