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    Includes Expert Content
    PCOS & PID questions
    TTCfor4years posted:
    I need some advice, I am 27 and diagnoised with PCOS and PID when I was just 15 years old. I always had reason to believe I would be infertile but I as many people had hope. Its been 4 years now and my husband and I still have not become PG. We have considered taking the routes to adoption but are very nervouse and its expensive. I also have looked into feritlity clinics in my area and am considering having my tubes checked for blockage, if their is no blockage I am considering Clomid. My question is has anyone else had PID been treated and had a successful PG whether through treatments or natrually? Also, if you have had PID were your tubes blocked? I know their is nothing wrong with my husband, plus he wont get tested anyways. I guess i am looking for hope or advice in some way to figure out and clear my mind of what to do or what can be done in my situation.
    David K Walmer, MD, PhD responded:
    The diagnosis of PID is difficult to make. When laparoscopy is done at the time, physicians are only correct in their diagnosis about half of the time. It is probably too premature to be thinking about adoption unless you want to do that anyway. I would invest in a basic evaluation, which would include a hysterosalpingogram to see if you tubes are open or blocked. If your tubes are open and your cycles aren't regular then a trial of clomid does make sense. I would encourage you to have your husband's semen tested as well. Most of the time that we identify a sperm problem, there is nothing that would have made us suspect a problem. Good luck!
    kristinec13 responded:
    Hi! I am not sure what PID is, but I do have PCOS which I was diagnosed when I was 16, I am 39 now. I went to a fertility doctor with my ex husband and he wanted to do the test to see if I was blocked and then start me on Clomid. AND...test my ex husband, so if they want to test him, he has no choice, they need to rule out all possibilities. But, my test was cancelled due to too high blood sugars, I am diabetic. So, since I am getting married again, I am following my diet and taking my insulin like a good girl so I can have my baby, and be healthy for it! I know that I didn't answer your questions, but I wanted to let you know they need to test your husband too.
    my3babycakes responded:
    Hi TTCfor4years,
    I too was diagnosed with PID as a teenager after I conceived my first child. Five years later my husband and I tried to conceive and were unable too. I went to fertility doctor and he recommended that I have a laparascopy performed to check if was any scar tissue in my fallopian tubes. My left tube was completely blocked and I then found out that I had PCOS. I was determined to have another child. He recommended that I go on Clomid and I was desperate to try anything. A few months after being on Clomid I became pregnant!! I had a beautiful healthy baby boy. 2 years after I had him I was blessed with an unplanned pregnancy while not being on Clomid.

    So my advice to you is definitely see a fertility doctor and have your tubes checkd for blokage. Even if they both are blocked there are procedures that can help!! I hope I cleared your mind a little and made you feel better:)

    I was completely discouraged and scared that I would never be able to conceive again. Technology is amazing these days and I am sure in no time you will have a baby!

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