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    Another Questions...
    girlinloveintexas11 posted:
    I Have another question... I have heard that it's a good idea or one who is trying to concieve that you should take prenatal vitamins and i have even seen on packaging of prenatal vitamins that they are for use for before, during, and after pregnancy? and is that true? and since my fiance and i are wanting to start and have a family and want a baby. Should i go and be on and be taking prenatals? just curious?!
    mrs62610 responded:
    You can start taking prenatals now or you can take a multivitamin and add Folic Acid which is what I did. Drs say it is best to start taking something before you get pregnant to help lower the risk of neural tube defects. (What the Folic Acid is for)
    It's not a requirement but it is recommended.
    Me-24 DH-37 TTC 1 for 9 months. Start Clomid on 12/29!
    girlinloveintexas11 replied to mrs62610's response:
    So if i started to take prenatals now it wouldn't affect anything? or i can take a multi- vitamin and also get folic acid? any recommendations on what kind of multi-vitamins?
    Mercerswife replied to girlinloveintexas11's response:
    Prenatal vitamins with folic acid is what you should be taking. I take Nature Made Multi Prenatal with high folic acid, iron and zinc. They're a little expensive but I know it has everything I/baby need in it. I also recommend taking in the middle of a meal, otherwise it will make you feel nauseous. Make sure you take it everyday and try to take it at the same time. I also take fishoil which is supposed to help with a lot of things both for me and potentially the baby.
    Lacey 24, DH 25, TTC 1. 2 M/C 07/08
    Mercerswife replied to Mercerswife's response:
    Sorry Mrs62610, didn't mean to answer for you, didn't realize she had posed the question to you. I'm always worried someone will be offended or feel like I'm stepping on their toes.
    Lacey 24, DH 25, TTC 1. 2 M/C 07/08
    mrs62610 replied to Mercerswife's response:
    Hey, no problem! I doesn't bother me. I think whoever has info should share it. I worry about doing that too, but it does not offend me if someone does it to me.
    Me-24 DH-37 TTC 1 for 9 months. Start Clomid on 12/29!
    mrs62610 replied to girlinloveintexas11's response:
    I was already taking a multivitamin and my dr just said to add Folic Acid to it. I have a generic brand from Sam's Club and got the Nature Made Folic Acid. I would go with what Mercerswife is doing it sounds like she is getting more than what I am.

    Mercerswife, I'm gonna ask my dr next time I go about the fish oil. I have heard of people taking it but was not sure what for. I'm sure it can't hurt!
    Me-24 DH-37 TTC 1 for 9 months. Start Clomid on 12/29!
    Mrsmossy replied to mrs62610's response:
    Just thought i'd chime in about the fish oil. Its usually taken to control Cholestrol levels, i have to take it, but beware taking it while pregnant. You can't take just an over the counter one due to the Mercury levels in it, so you will have to get a prescription one, i take Lovaza now. Also a lot of ppl will but them in the fridge so they don't have the fishy after taste Lovaza you can't do that with. I suggest only taking it if a dr tells you you need it.
    mrs62610 replied to Mrsmossy's response:
    Thanks for the info! I have an appt. with my dr on March 7th, I'll ask her if I need it then.
    Me-24 DH-37 TTC 1 for 9 months. Start Clomid on 12/29!
    steve583 responded:
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