Trying...Could I be?
sockmonkey231 posted:
Hi, I'm needed some insight please. My last cycle started Nov. 27th and ended on or around Dec 2. I haven't had another cycle since. I have been off my birth control pills since a little after my last period. I am having several symptoms of pregnancy, but every at home test I do and all the blood/urine tests at my doctor's office are coming back negative. Could I be pregnant with low hCG?
mrs62610 responded:
Hello! Many women including myself have trouble with their cycles after stopping birth control pills. If you have not had a period in quite awhile and you have negative hpt's then it could be that you are not ovulating. This was my problem, I didn't have a period for almost 3 months before I was prescribed something to bring one on. I am now taking Clomid to induce ovulation. (I was not getting a period because I wasn't ovulating) You should contact your doctor they can help you figure out what is going on. Good luck!
Me-24 DH-37 TTC 1 for 9 months. 1st round of Clomid 12/29. Start 2nd round Feb 1st.
sockmonkey231 replied to mrs62610's response:
Thanks! I went to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed me something(I don't remember what) that is suppose to help- whether I need a hormone boost or just need to ovulate. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hubby and I have been trying since December...