O/T Birth Moms
preciouslittleone posted:
I'm watching the show Birth Moms on TLC and it's kinda depressing, these crying women giving up their babies for whatever reasons. I get that they're doing what is best and they're providing a family that maybe can't have a baby with that chance but it just makes me want my baby so much more.
Maybe I'm emotional because of where I am in my cycle but this show is bothering me.
I commend them for making the smart choice, like this woman who has no job, no car, no place to live, etc and already has a baby under a year old. When will it be my turn? Anyone else feel like this sometimes?
mrs62610 responded:
I was flipping through the channels last night and caught a few minutes of the show. It is depressing. Yes, I am always wondering when it will be my turn! DH and I have an appt with a RE on June 5th and we are hoping that is just the step we need to take to get the job done! Going on 13 months TTC and it's getting old.
Me-24 DH-37 TTC 1 for 11 months. Start 3rd round of Clomid 3/8/12.
preciouslittleone replied to mrs62610's response:
I hope things go well with the RE!!
Like you, I'm just ready to be pregnant, to feel life growing inside me and then in 9 months hold my baby and shower my baby with all the love I have.