Just off BC pills but positive OPK??
dvm21 posted:
I took my last birth control pill on April 28th. Had been on them for many years (I'm 26). I had skipped a month of them in March (stupid I know). On the evening of May 7th I got a positive (smiley face) on a home ovulation predicition test. I had sex May 5, 6, 7, 9,10... so basically all around when I should have ovulated. According to my estimates I figured I'd start my period May 19 or 20. And I did... May 19th. It has been heavy and exactly like it was before I started BC control pills.
Is it possible my body prepared to ovulate (hence positive ovulation test) but didn't? I'm just so surprised I am not pregnant based on that positive ovulation test and the fact that I had intercourse often during that time. Anyone with similar issues? Or maybe its because I just got off of bc pills? Thanks for any input
mrs62610 responded:
If you got a positive on the opk and you started your period on your own then I would say that's pretty sufficient evidence that you ovulated. Good luck!
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Anon_53098 responded:
You probably did ovulate but I've read there's like a 20% chance per month even if you line things up correctly to become pregnant. It took my husband and I several months with positives on the ovulation kit to become pregnant. Don't be discouraged!