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Trying to conceive after chemical pregnancy!
An_246529 posted:
Good morning Ladies. I had a chemical pregnancy last month so we are trying again this month (dr. gave us the ok).. I had creamy lotion-like abundant cm prior to ovulation but I didn't have the egg-white cm during ovulation (didn't have cm at all during ovulation to be exact). However I did have ovulation pains during the beginning of my ovulation period. Does this mean that I didn't ovulate? I had sex the day before the ovulation pains started, and 2 days after (supposedly my peak days) but no cm. What are my chances of conceiving this month? Is it possible to conceive even if I didn't have cm? Any feedback on this would be helpful. Thanks!!
Joel Bernstien, MD responded:
It certainly is possible to conceive. Assessing CM is by no means super accurate as often misread. If you are having regular monthly periods then you can be confident that you are most likely ovulating. If you have regular intercourse from cycle day 10 to 20, you are very likely in the "fertility window". I find that for some couples, ovulation predictor kits, or CM testing can be more stressful than helpful. And that regular intercourse midcycle is easier and more fun!

Best of luck.