can i get pregnant with pcod???
ferinafer posted:
can i get pregnant with pcos?[br>[br>[br>I'm 23 yrs old.. I'm at ttc for 8 months...I'm 156cms height and 49 kgs...[br>[br>my ultrasound report:[br>[br>uterus is anteverted,and measures 7.2x3.1cms[br>nabothian cyst of 1.3cms is seen in cervical region[br>endometrium measures 3mm[br>right ovary measures 3.5x2.4x3.8cms(vol:17cc)[br>left ovary measures 3.8x2.4x4.0cms(vol:19cc)[br>both the ovaries are enlarged and show multiple peripheral cysts.[br>[br>my blood test:[br>[br>haemoglobin:7gms[br>blood sugar:90mgs%[br>urine sugar:nil

I take siphene 100mg and glycomet 1gm..
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi ferinafer and welcome -

Are you talking about Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?

If so, I suggest you work with a fertility doctor who specializes in PCOS.