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When to take a pregnancy test?
cbernard5 posted:
This is my husbands and I first time TTC. I am 25, healthy and have not been on BC for 1 and a half years. For the most part I have 30-31 day cycles but last month my period was exactly a week late. (AF came july 23) I tested and was not pregnant. I was dealing with a lot of stress in july so i figure that is the reason for the lateness. Anyways i went and got some OPK's so I would know for sure when i go the LH surge for August. I started using the OPK on the 6th and finally go a high surge on the 13th(monday) and faint positive on the 14th. (we did the BD on the 10th(fri), 12th, 13th(when i got the positive) through the 16th(thursday).

My question is when can I get a positive from a HPT? I went and picked up clear blue digital HPT and was hoping to take it this sunday (26th) but i am afraid it will be too early?
Joel Bernstien, MD responded:
I would wait until 2-3 weeks after the OPK.