What's going on? Could I be pregnant?
cbernard5 posted:
I got a positive OPK on the 13th so I am saying that I ovulated on the 14th. On the 24th (10th dpo) I wiped after using the restroom and there was very light pinkish discharge, ever since then I have had off and on pinkish or brownish, scanty discharge. Took a HPT Sunday (Couldn't resist) but it was negative Yesterday the 27th my period was due. Today is the 28th and still getting scanty discharge (5th day of discharge now) It has not gotten any heavier though. Its really hard to tell if it is implantation or if I am getting my period.

Other things I have noticed. I have to pee all the time. would that start this early if i was pregnant. It feels like a UTI but without the burning. When I do go to the bathroom not much comes out. Have also felt a bloating pressure in my pelvic region. Also always tired! I may just be more in tune to these things because I so want to be pregnant.

What do you think could i be pregnant? If not why am I spotting so much?
myralynn34 responded:
It could be implantation bleeding, have you tried to take another test? Once i got pregnant, i immediatly would have to pee all the time, right away. Also if your pregnant your body is working overtime so those cells can multiply into a little bundle of joy which takes a lot of energy and can leave you feeling exhausted. Definitely could be pregnant with those symptoms. Good luck