cramping, back ache no period
myralynn34 posted:
I am trying to conceive baby number 4, we have three beautiful little girls. This is the first time that while ttc i am having cramping and a back ache but its too early for period, expecting period in about 8 days( or positive hpt). Have been cramping for the past couple days and have had a constant back ache. Was wondering if anyone else experienced this? Im hoping that we will find out we are pregnant but wasnt sure if this is a bad sign. Please any advice would be great! thanks
mruggs responded:
That is exactly how I was feeling, the constant low back pain, and mild cramping right before I expected to get my period. The day I was due for AF to pay a visit I had mild spotting which stopped after 2 days and my period is usually 6 days! I took a test and sure enough I got a positive result.. here comes #2!!! I know that the symptoms you are having could also be signs your period is on the way if you usually get these symptoms before your period than it might be that.. if these symptoms seem odd or you don't usually experience them it could be early pregnancy signs! I did some research and found that women who have been pregnant before can usually experience early pregnancy symptoms sooner than they could with their first pregnancy. good luck! Hope this helped!
myralynn34 replied to mruggs's response:
Thanks. I dont usually have symptoms before my period is due, so i am hoping these are pregnancy symptoms. Im due for my period in 3 days and I cant wait to see if it comes. Thanks for the info and i hope your right. The 2 week wait is killing me!!