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Conception and regulating of menstral cycle
ravenchaos posted:
When I was a teenager my cycles are always regular(sometimes heavy and would last alil longer). I whent and got on Otho Tri Cyclen in 2000 or 2001 and my cycles were still regular till I decided I wanted off birth control cause I wanted children. My gyno told me to just stop taking them(which i did) and ever since then my cycles are never right, I whent a whole year without having one, have had serious relationships and am baffled to the fact of why I havent got pregnant yet. Just seems very odd to me.
Joel Bernstien, MD responded:
If everything else about your health is identical to what it was 12 years ago when you initiated the pill, then you should have begun ovulating and having menses within a few months of discontinuing the pills. However, if you are like many women, then your health may not be identical.

When you are not having your period, the most common reason is that you are not ovulating. There are certainly other issues that need to be "ruled-out" by your OBGYN, but these are much less likely.

As I have mentioned before, the most common reason for no ovulating, and thus not having a period, is weight gain.

Regardless of the reason.... it's probably worth a visit to your OBGYN to get started on an evaluation.

Best of luck.