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    Im CONFUSED??!!! and I NEED ADVICE :(
    supergirl1022 posted:
    Hello, i was told since i have PCOS that its not a good idea for me to use the ovulation kits becuz i dont have regular cycles and it makes it harder to detect. I got off of birth control almost 3 months ago and it was way too early for me to start ovulating becuz i needed time to adjust to not having the hormones in the pill but what i dont understand is why would the ovulation test kit say yes after a week of testing and it being no??? could those tests actually give a false positive??? PLEASE ANY ADVICE WOULD POSSIBLY HELP ME!!!! THANKS
    4dmn12 responded:
    I also have pcos and was trying to do the ovulation predictor test and they would give me false readings all the time i know with having pcos our hormone levels are not right we produce more testosterone then estrogen and its possible that we produce more of the hormone that the opt is detecting because after all that is what it detects is hormones not really ovulation you might want to try tracking ur basal body temp and cervical mucus to track ur ovulation
    supergirl1022 replied to 4dmn12's response:
    ive tried that also but my temp doesnt really change much ive been going to 2 different obgyns in the past 3 years but one didnt answer my ?s and the other well he thinks im able to get pregnant but i havent shown any differences with any meds out there for it.idk what else i can do??? im at the end of my rope and about to say forget it and just except the fact that i just cant get pregnant, thank you for ur advice
    4dmn12 replied to supergirl1022's response:
    I am sorry that you feel that way I am pretty much to that point too have u tried diet and exercise. I have heard of a new drug out called pregnatued it suppose to help with the pcos symptoms and give the b vitamins we need maybe look in to it Im considering it.
    LoisaMay replied to supergirl1022's response:
    I know you have been to different ob/gyn's. If you can afford to go (insurance may not cover this kind of appointment), you may want to consider seeing a fertility specialist. Search for centers in your area, and make sure to do research ahead of time to make sure that whoever you visit has a good reputation. Fertility specialists are more likely to have the kind of expertise you need if trying to get pregnant with a medical condition that makes this process difficult. If you continue to not have success ttc naturally, a fertility specialist may be able to give you some other options (IVF, etc.). I hope this helps.
    supergirl1022 replied to LoisaMay's response:
    yes ive been told by my sister that she thinks maybe i do need to see a specialist becuz a obgyn can only do so much and to me i believe its what i need also i dont need different types of meds every time i go to my doc but that what he does. well thank you for ur advice it helped

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