Don't know if i should test or not
4dmn12 posted:
I am kinda confused I am ttc and me and my husband have been tracking my ovulation and think we kinda got it pinned down but I do have pcos and am never to sure when my menstrual cycle is going to start anyways about three weeks ago i took a pretty nasty fall at work and right after that for three days i had light spotting in the morning time and I was expecting my cycle to come as of today i am four days late but in the past i have been up to six days late then get my period but as of this week I have been feeling a little nauseated and have been having stomach pains and cant sleep on my side or stomach and having lots of lower back pain I am kinda skeptical of being pregnant I dont know if i should take a pregnancy test now or wait it out a little longer
AshleyAnne1987 responded:
best of luck to you. I would wait till the 6 day mark and if still no period just go for it and test. I had the back pains and headaches but i did start one day late. i dont have the PCOS so im not to familiar with that but keep your head up and best of luck to you. i know the negatives are disappointing but just keep trying..