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Been having Problems-NEEDING advice
An_248202 posted:
My Depo Provera "ran out" about 6 weeks ago, but to my surprise, I got my period back Sept18! My husband and I are TTC, so this was super exciting! However, Yesterday I had a small about of pink, and then brown spotting, and today I am very, VERY crampy with a normal red blood spotting. Is my period coming back? What is this? It must be to early for implantation bleeding, as its only been 14 days since the start of my last period. Im so upset, EXACTLY when I should ovulate, I start bleeding?? I took a few OPKs as well, to see if I was somehow spotting from ovulation, and these came back negative. [br>If anyone has experience with something like this, please, please share.

Joel Bernstien, MD responded:
Your "period" in September may not have been a true hormonally induced period. It may have just been what it was... bleeding. So there is a chance that you have not yet started ovulating yet. (This is OK... it is not atypical to take a few months to start ovulating off of Depo Provera.)

I would just see how things play out for a couple of more months. If you do not become regular, you can certainly see your OBGYN.