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Ovulation and Body Temp
Careins posted:
We are currently trying to conceive. I am charting my temperature and on day 14 I take an ovulation test. I have been getting positive test but no spike in temperature. Is there something wrong?

Thank you
Joel Bernstien, MD responded:
Temperature is not always reliable. If you have normal, predictable menses you are most likely ovulating. Have sex regularly during mid cycle (day 10-->20) and you will not miss your "window". I find in my patients that using OPK (ovulation predictor kits) and other tools can be frustrating and exhausting.

Good Luck.
Careins replied to Joel Bernstien, MD's response:
Thank you, I was asking cause when I see my doctor all she looks at is the body temperature graph and says I am not ovulating, I tell her I have a positive ovulation test but she says its not happening. She put me on Clomid to assist with my ovulation, and still no temperature spike, but still get positive tests on day 14 that I am ovulating.