trying to conceive
An_248797 posted:
My husband and I have been trying for over a year now to get pregnet im starting to get really discuraged and im whanting to give up i dont know what to do im not ovulating i talke a ovulation test every day and iv been doing this about 5 months now my perionds havebeen regular for about 4 months now what should i do i dont whant to give up but im getting really heart broken about it
trinionboard responded:
Sorry to hear about your fears please don't be heartbroken i am also in the same position as you are and am keeping believing that one day we will get our dreams realized and i wish the same for you .Giving up is not an option please stay strong will be praying for you also .
An_248797 replied to trinionboard's response:
I dont know what elese to do it seems like everyone around me is getting pregnet but i cant i have a lilboy already and i love him to death i just want to have a bigger family i know my son will be a great big brother but i just cant seem to get pregnet what can i do to help me get pregnet