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estrogen patch while ttc
An_249020 posted:
Hi,[br>I am on .025 estrogen patch for the last two months to help with very severe & debilitating PMS. It has really helped with PMS symptoms. I had a very regular cycle before and was ovulating regularly based on OPKs. But have not had a period since starting on the estrogen. [br>Is it possible to TTC while on estrogen? Should patch be worn for the two weeks between ovulation and period instead of all the time like it was prescribed?
David K Walmer, MD, PhD responded:
The dose of estrogen that you are on should not prevent you from getting pregnant. However if you are not having regular predictable cycles with a positive ovulation predictor test at the right time, you may have a problem with ovulation that needs to be treated. I am currently treating a patient of mine with estrogen patches while I am also giving her ovulation induction medications to increase her chances of getting pregnant because she does not make estrogen on her own. You should see a gynecologist or a reproductive endocrinologist to help you evaluate your cycles, ovarian reserve, other endocrine factors, etc. Good luck!
VivDot replied to David K Walmer, MD, PhD's response:
Dr. Walmer thank you for your reply. I have had bloodwork done twice - My estrogen level was 38 pg/ml. I was told this is low and that is why I was having the sever PMS mood swings etc. The patch has helped, but no period since which has me worried.
Last period: Sept 2.
Went on patch Sept 5.
Used OPK - ovulated on Sept 15 (around day 14, before patch ov was usually day 11)
No period since then.

Can I still get pregnant without my period?