When Is the Best Time to Conceive?
Hyacinth Nicole Browne, MD posted:
Timing is everything when you're trying to conceive. The best time for conception to occur is within your "fertile window". This is generally 2-6 days prior to ovulation. But every woman is different, and it can be a challenge predicting when your fertile window opens. Some useful methods include:
-- Charting the intervals between your periods. (Day 1 would be the first day of your period.)
-- Basal body temperature charting
-- Taking note of your cervical mucus characteristics
-- Using ovulation predictor kits

These methods are not sure-fire. But they can help improve your chances of getting pregnant. If charting is difficult for you, having sex more often a few days after you menstruate can help increase your likelihood of conceiving, if your cycle is pretty regular.

I recommend that you start seeking assistance from a fertility specialist if:
-- You aren't able to conceive after a year of using the fertility window prediction methods I named.
-- You're over age 35 and have been unsuccessful after 6 months of trying.