Could I be pregnant? Plz HELP!
Sweetypie posted:
I am ttc from last 4 months, and today is my expected period ,but I haven't start bleeding yet, I been spotting very light pink form last 2-3 days mostly when I wipe, yesterday my home pregnancy test & urine test at Doctors was both Negative,Doctor did ultrasound, & said my Uterus looked like it was ready to begin menstruation in an hour and that I had very thick lining about 2.1 or something..yesterday was cycle day 25, i have 25d cycle.I had intercourse on cd 7,8,9,10 and 13.I am not sure if he saw blood in Uterus and that's why said I was going to get my period soon, so If don't get bleeding today, could I be pregnant? Is it possible that the urine test can be wrong?and do you have blood pool in Uterus before missed period if Pregnant?
Sweetypie responded:
I called my Doctor yesterday he said it's possible that I cna be pregnant, he told me to wait for a week and keep doing home pregnancy test
but till yesterday I was just spotting light pink, today I saw brown and red spotting too.. what does that mean? Does anyone know or had experience like this, plz share with me, I can't wait for a week ((
I don't have any other symptoms, but today I been having headache..